Polly Shelby

Peaky Blinders


Come at me, bro.

Well, hello, blog. It’s been exactly a year and one day-ONE DAY-since I last posted on you. At this rate, I’ll be posting about once year. That’s a pretty good track record, amirite?

Okay, so it’s actually a bit of a terrible track record. You know what else is terrible? How behind I seem to be on dark, British dramas…Penny Dreadful (luckily, cancelled, so I can take that off my must-watch list), Outlander (jk I watch this one religiously and then again), and Peaky Blinders.

Now I had two people-TWO PEOPLE (loving these all caps asides, aren’t you?)-tell me how much I would looooooove this show. So I was STOKED to check it out. Early 20th century England? Check. Gangsters? Check. Awesome soundtrack? Check. I quite believed I would love it as well. But sadly, well, I just can’t get into it!

And by “get into it,” I mean I slept through, hm, let’s guess 20 minutes of one episode?, refreshed Twitter a good ten times during another, and have spent most of my time overall cringing at Sam Neil’s Irish brogue.

Actually, perhaps my main issue with this show is Sam Neil and that brogue. Neil plays a copper looking to bring down the Shelby family gang AKA the Peaky Blinders (THE PAKEY BLYNDAS–I prefer to yell it, just like that). And Neil is just.so.darn. annoyinggggg. (Yes, I’m whining.)

And then there’s this barmaid, who’s, ah how do I say this…she’s zzzzzzzzzzzzz. (Although maybe I just have a thing against blondes, who knows? I never said I was above shallowness.)

However, Cillian Murphy plays the leader of the gang, Thomas Shelby, and he is excellent. A very interesting character who is a savvy businessman but behind closed doors is suffering from post traumatic stress from his time in WWI–which is something we don’t normally see play out on screen. WWII? Vietnam? Iraq? Afghanistan? I feel like Hollywood loves to focus on these guys, but the poor men of WWI don’t get as much attention. So it’s neat that a show is actually taking the time to shed some light on that.

And then there’s Thomas’ aunt, good old Polly. Now HER I LOVE. Slightly masculine (she sports some fine ties) with more than a touch (actually, it’s more like a slap) of that tough mothering love, she’s my favorite. She’s the tie that binds this out-of-hand group of brothers together. And then there’s Thomas’ sassy sis Ada, who’s also mighty entertaining and reminds me of Lady Mary of Downton Abbey if she’d been born, well, not in an abbey.

So for the sake of these characters, I am WILLING MYSELF to ignore Sam Neil and the barmaid and carry on. (This post is so formal, isn’t it great?)

I’m about to start season two and I’m really hoping it grabs me because I’ve heard it is the bomb.com. (Yes, I’m still living in 1997.)

Hopefully my time put-in will be worth it! *insert praising hands emoji here*