Claire Fraser

Claire’s Hair

We need to talk about Claire’s hair.

Which Claire? Claire Beauchump. Claire Randall. Claire Fraser. However you want to call her.

Her beautiful hair has been on my mind since I watched the Outlander season 2 finale.

Because it was fabulous.

What reminded me was this delightful post by Buzzfeed about the filming of season 3 beginning. Check out that third pic and how darn fabulous Claire looks in it. Caitriona Balfe looks FANTASTIC with that touch of eyeliner and that classy little Jackie O. headscarf.

Which begs the question: Does Caitriona Balfe look wonderful in every decade? And can her hair travel perfectly through time with her?

Let’s think about this. The show opens with Claire in the 1940s. A clever, brave nurse with a tamed head of pretty waves. She looks perfect as a woman living in a time when actresses like Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall were the trendsetters of the day.


Fantastically coiffed. It’s like a halo of pure beauty.

Then Claire gets transported back to 18th century Scotland. You’d think losing her hot curlers and hair dryer would really ruin her look…but no! Claire’s wild mane looks fantastic as it tousles behind her on horseback rides. It’s just not fair. My hair would not bounce into such fantastic curls in any situation.


No help needed here. My hair’s fantastic.

And then when we see Claire in the 1960s, this woman looks freakin amazing again. Hair soft, little streak of silver–I mean, even that headscarf looks amazing.


Sad. But not about my hair.

There’s really no intelligent purpose here except to say congrats to you, Caitriona, on having the best hair in the business. You are a lovely lady.