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Claire’s Hair

We need to talk about Claire’s hair.

Which Claire? Claire Beauchump. Claire Randall. Claire Fraser. However you want to call her.

Her beautiful hair has been on my mind since I watched the Outlander season 2 finale.

Because it was fabulous.

What reminded me was this delightful post by Buzzfeed about the filming of season 3 beginning. Check out that third pic and how darn fabulous Claire looks in it. Caitriona Balfe looks FANTASTIC with that touch of eyeliner and that classy little Jackie O. headscarf.

Which begs the question: Does Caitriona Balfe look wonderful in every decade? And can her hair travel perfectly through time with her?

Let’s think about this. The show opens with Claire in the 1940s. A clever, brave nurse with a tamed head of pretty waves. She looks perfect as a woman living in a time when actresses like Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall were the trendsetters of the day.


Fantastically coiffed. It’s like a halo of pure beauty.

Then Claire gets transported back to 18th century Scotland. You’d think losing her hot curlers and hair dryer would really ruin her look…but no! Claire’s wild mane looks fantastic as it tousles behind her on horseback rides. It’s just not fair. My hair would not bounce into such fantastic curls in any situation.


No help needed here. My hair’s fantastic.

And then when we see Claire in the 1960s, this woman looks freakin amazing again. Hair soft, little streak of silver–I mean, even that headscarf looks amazing.


Sad. But not about my hair.

There’s really no intelligent purpose here except to say congrats to you, Caitriona, on having the best hair in the business. You are a lovely lady.



Rambo Day: A Bachelor Party 20 Years in the Making

Did you ever have those friends when you were little who could send you into a fit of belly-aching laughs? Who made you want to break the rules and do whatever you dared? I had a few friends like that, and they made me feel invincible. I’m convinced my childhood wouldn’t have been nearly as good as it was had they not been around to help me explore the truly goofy and ridiculous sides of myself.

A friend of mine recently posted this video to Facebook, and it’s clear this vid’s star grew up with the same type of loveable idiots I did. But I’m jealous, because it looks like he had even more fun than I did, and that’s an impressive feat. Like my friends and I, these guys grew up making their own home movies, but while our videos were more a phase of middle school, these men have parlayed that passion into present day, and thank God they did.

For their best friend’s bachelor party, they decided to recreate his favorite film, Rambo, and make him the star. Now considering Rambo is a film filled with guns and explosives, you’d think this would be difficult to pull off, but by using paintball guns and slingshotting tomatoes, these friends created the most epic bachelor party in the history of bachelor parties. And they managed to figure in some heartwarming sap along the way (I love some good sap). This video’s not just a tribute to their friend, but a tribute to friendships in general. So while the video may make you laugh hysterically (it should, and if it doesn’t, please go seek some sunshine), it’s also a reminder that no matter where you go in life, friends are what keep you going. So set aside 20 minutes sometime today and watch this fitting tribute to both movies and friendships, two of life’s best gifts

Jamie Fraser: Outlander God

If you haven’t seen Outlander, you’re missing out on riveting historical fiction, acutely-detailed recreations of 18th-century Scotland and…lololol jk, guys, you’re just missing out on this:


I caught Outlander on STARZ (what a name, eh?) about 3 episodes in (or was it 2 episodes? Not sure. Again, I don’t really watch the show for plot-based reasons) and thought, “Yes! A show about Scottish people! This is right up my alley.” (If you know me, you actually know this to be a true.) Surprisingly, though, the show soon lost my interest. No offense to Caitriona Balfe, who plays the show’s heroine Claire Randall, but her almost incessant narration seriously dulls the mind. There’s only so much “These people were different from me” speeches you can handle before your eyes start glazing over.

But then…then the above Adonis of a man appeared one fateful episode. His dark but slightly auburn curls. Those questioning green eyes. And–to cut straight to the point–those abs. The man was Jamie Fraser, and he was here to not only save Claire, but to save me and millions of other “geez is this show gonna go anywhere” women.


Yes, even in a kilt, I look good.

Now if you were to ask me what exactly happened last season, I can’t quite say. I basically only remember Jamie-centric scenes and that’s it. But apparently, STARZ has finally caught on to this good thing they have. (No, not Outlander, but this Jamie hottie, aka actor Sam Heughen) And so as they embark upon season 2, they’ve chosen to finally give the people what they want, what they really really want: more Jamie. The opening scene of season two is JAMIE’s perspective on things. Thank goodness, because I’ll take his rhythmic Scottish brogue over Claire’s monotone, “I can’t believe I’m getting paid to read these lines” voice-overs any day (sorry, Caitriona). Will all of season 2 be Jamie narration? One can only hope. So watch the clip of Outlander’s season 2 opener below, but beware:


Pop & Culture in 2014: A Year in Random Review

2014 has been an odd year. I started this blog. I wrote in this blog. I didn’t write in this blog. Now I’m writing in it again.

A whirlwind, am I right?

If you were to ask me my favorite pop culture moment from the past year, I’d have to say…well, honestly, I’d have to say I have no idea because who can be expected to remember everything that’s happened since January? Ellen hosting the Oscars was fun. Pizza will never be the same now that I’ve seen a pic of Brad Pitt in a tuxedo eating a slice. I really enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy, which I really did not see coming. And I suppose most recently Into the Woods has been a real bright spot. Who knew Emily Blunt had such singing skills?

TV, though. TV was a big year. (Well, not Mad Men. Just end already, will you? You’re like the great aunt who can’t stop telling “wonderful” stories that we’re all sleeping through.) Game of Thrones–you killed so many people this season that you might as well have killed me. The SHOCK VALUE. You’ve inspired me to even pick up those Bible-sized George R. R. Martin books, although I think I’m regretting it. And might I say that little Ioan Gruffudd show Forever I mentioned a ways back has actually turned out to be not half bad? The immortal doctor plot with a little bit of sadistic stalker thrown in has really surprised me. I knew Ioan would be hot in it, but I didn’t know the plot would be hot, too.

The Mindy Project has been running strong this season, and even New Girl seems to have FINALLY gotten its groove back. I’m pretty sure that’s mostly thanks to the arrival of Wren from Pretty Little Liars (don’t ask me what his real name is, he’s just the hot British guy from PLL, okay?). Snooki and Jwoww has also had an excellent season. I see you judging me. I’m okay with that. The Frozen storyline on Once Upon a Time actually worked pretty well (I was kind of dreading it, but no word of Let it Go was ever spoken). Orange is the New Black even kicked some major butt in season 2. The violence was up as well as the accompanying rushes of adrenaline every time Lorraine Toussaint entered the scene, making for some major adrenaline-filled episodes. I’ve also discovered Homeland and The Good Wife, so I’m slowly catching up with the rest of the world. . …wow, who knew there was so much pop culture stuff in my head?

As for pop culture lows, oh, I don’t know. It was so difficult to remember the highs! Although, I must admit I dozed through most of The Grand Budapest Hotel and I cringed through all of Jersey Boys. Which is a real shame, because it’s my favorite Broadway show. It was like a parody of Moonstruck and Goodfellas had been melded together on the set of Disney’s Main Street, USA, when what I was hoping for was American Graffiti crossed with, well, the real Goodfellas. And I can’t say House of Cards Season 2 thrilled me all that much this year. Was the purpose of it to make the viewer feel like an idiot? In which case, it did succeed. All the hacking business was definitely rude. The last thing we need is for people to rally to James Franco’s and Seth Rogen’s cause. Don’t the two of them have enough money by now to just retire?

Wow! I wrote so much! Props to me! Yes, I support self-praise on one’s own blog. You should try it.

Here’s hoping 2015 will be just as interesting. And by that, I mean I hope George Clooney becomes a father and that Cinderella movie is hella awesome. By the way, do you think any of the Back to the Future: Part II predictions will come true? Because I’m still waiting on that flying skateboard…


Ben-Hur Remake…A Good Idea?

Wait, what? But I’m Ben-Hur.

Found this article “Hollywood Scion Jack Huston Cast in Ben-Hur Remake” yesterday and had some very immediate reactions/thoughts:

1) A Ben-Hur remake?! Who thought this up??

2) What does scion mean?

3) Jack Huston is the name of that guy without a face from Boardwalk Empire? He’s hot with a face.

4) He’s the grandson of director John Huston?! (Responsible for such classics as The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Maltese Falcon, Key Largo…I don’t need to go on, do I?) So his aunt is Angelica Huston?! Why didn’t I know this?

Just so much to take in so suddenly! I’ve seen Ben-Hur, and I didn’t particularly enjoy it. Granted, I was flipping between it on TCM and the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics so…but Charlton Heston (star of the 1959 Ben-Hur) has never been a favorite of mine. However, I actually think this film might make a great remake. I could see the special effects of the 1959 classic being brought up to date, which could make that famous chariot scene even more exhilarating. And there are quite a few opportunities to create stunning scenic visuals on such a film as this. If any classic film could benefit from today’s improved technologies, it’s this one. And maybe I’ll actually be able to follow along this time? I’m also excited to see Mr. Jack Huston (who knew he had a name? and a face, too?) in a starring role. He stole the show in Boardwalk Empire, so I imagine he’ll make a fine lead in this film. But what an epic to take on! Godspeed, good sir.