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Film History in Pics

If your twitter feed is feeling a little stale as of late, I’ve got an account for you that is worth following. It’s called “Film History in Pics” (@FilmHistoryPics). Everyday the account tweets great photographs of actors and directors behind the scenes of unforgettable films. The rare inside glimpses these photographs give make the account feel extra special and unique. Whether it’s a cameraman getting an underwater shot of Esther Williams in Jupiter’s Darling or Alfred Hitchcock directing Teresa Wright on the set of Shadow of a Doubt, you’re bound to find an image that’ll impress you.

Here’s a particular favorite of mine, tweeted by the account on March 22. It’s Daniel Day-Lewis on the set of The Last of the Mohicans next to his transportation of choice. Who would have thought in the midst of throwing around a tomahawk, he’d be riding around on one of these?


I’ve no association with the account. It’s just so fun for me to follow that I figured I’d share the joy. (And Mindy Kaling follows them, so obviously, there’s gotta be something good here.)