Ioan Gruffudd Is the Star of ABC’s Forever (And Why You Should Care)

For those of you who don’t know me well, which is almost all of you, you would not know that I am and have been in love with the actor Ioan Grufford for over half my life. When did the obsession begin?

The year was 1997, and Ioan delivered an Oscar-winning performance as 5th Officer Harold Lowe in James Cameron’s Titanic. (This is my blog, so I can use as much hyperbole as I’d like.) From that point on, every time I saw Ioan was in something new, I swooned a little and thought to myself, “This is the year he will be a household name.” (Name is pronounced “YO-an GRIH-fith” by the way. He’s Welsh. Which adds to his hotness by 100,000,000.)

The reason I’m making sure you’re well acquainted with Ioan’s wonderfulness is because he is getting his own show on ABC called Forever (premieres Sept. 23 at 10pm). Ioan plays a NYC medical examiner with years, nay, centuries of medical knowledge. Ioan’s character Dr. Henry Morgan cannot die, and so has accumulated his knowledge over a span of lifetimes. So we’ve got science, doctors, the undead, NYC, and Ioan’s face–is this not the most perfect combo you have ever heard?

In doubt that ABC has made a mistake? I provide photographic evidence that this is their best casting decision in years.

1) Part one: Do you still yell “Is anyone alive out there? Can anyone hear me?” every time you’re on a giant ocean liner crossing from England to New York? Yeah, it’s cause o’ this guy.

Ioan plays the only officer to return to the site of the Titanic’s sinking in search of survivors. Rose would be dead without this lad.

2) Ioan steals hearts as Kevin Sheperd in 102 Dalmatians. Haven’t seen it? Get to it!

Note Ioan’s beautiful smile as he grins adoringly on his sea of dalmatians.

*Of important note: Ioan’s co-star Alice Evans was so smitten by the man that she married him.

3) He played Lancelot and women everywhere totally got why Guinevere would pick him over King Arthur.

The movie King Arthur should have been called Ioan Grufford: Hot One, but it lost by one vote.

4) Ioan is so dashingly handsome he was chosen to play Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four franchise.

If you don’t find him handsome here, there is something wrong with you.

5) Next up Ioan wowed the world (ie: me, his world) when he fought for the end of slavery as William Wilberforce in Amazing Grace. 

Fighting for justice is the ultimate token of hotness.

6) Then he was in the show Ringer with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but his hotness was too much for the CW to handle.

“I’m breaking up with you because my looks are meant for a bigger network.”

7) But have no fear, because ABC has heard our (my) cries and has granted him Forever, which, if there is a god, will last forever, so we never have to miss Ioan’s beautiful face ever again.

I am Ioan, and I am beautiful.

8) Watch the trailer as many times as you need to convince yourself all I’ve said is true:


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